Maximizing Your Punch Out List

Your punch out list is the final steps in any construction project.  This is where you will walk the entire property and see if there are any areas that were missed or have become damaged.  When maximizing your punch out list you will want to focus on post-construction cleaning services colorado springs.  The last thing you want to have is a messy area once you are ready to leave.

Make zones

It is a good idea to make zones in your work area.  These zones can be areas that once reviewed can be checked off a list.  If you make zones you can easily say zone one, zone two instead of saying or referring to specific room numbers.

Assign specific team members

You want to assign specific team members to specific tasks.  If you create teams and allow them to work on whatever they want, the odds are that areas will be overlooked and as such you can’t guarantee that the jobs are done.  However, if you assign specific team members to specific tasks, you can easily see what was done or not done and by who.  From there you can take your appropriate actions.

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Wait till everyone is gone

You want to wait for everyone else to be gone.  This can be done on a specific day or after hours.  When you do your punch out you don’t want to have people tracking in and out of your work area.  This can lead to confusion and accidents happening.  You want to treat your punch out as a sternal environment.  Once everyone is gone, get in, do what you have to and get out.

Lock up when complete

When you finish a room, you want to lock it up.  This involves your team to do their final check, walk out of the room together and the final person does a once over, turns off the lights and locks the door.  This way no one can change or break anything and you know it was completed.