Tooth Implant Procedures Briefly Explained

The primary implant fixture material used since the inception of root replacement implants has always been medical grade titanium. It is perhaps to be expected that the tooth implant process conroe consultation will inform its patient that hydroxyapatite may be used. This is a material that is similar to the components of bone. The preference for titanium as a choice material can be easily explained.

tooth implant process conroe

Experts explain that this is a material that does not intoxicate the body. It is not recognized as a foreign object and the body rarely rejects it. But other materials are being used as well. They’re usually ceramic. Zirconium is one such example. This is good for those patients who may be sensitive to the use of metal. The good news is that if adequate bone and gum tissue is available, an implant procedure could take no more than thirty minutes.

The bone is usually not sensitive to the procedure so the dentist only needs to numb the gum tissue. All depending on the actual shape and size of the implant, just a core of bone may need to be removed. It is also possible that the dentist may have to apply stitches in order to close the gum tissue over the implant. But on most occasions, the tissue opening will be quite small and will therefore not need stitches.

Should there be any pain issues for the sensitive patient, only antibiotics may be required. It took just thirty minutes to do the implant. But it could take up to six months to complete the healing process. What’s another six months when you have your entire life still in front of you? It is well worth the wait given the positive results and the fact that implants could last a lifetime.